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You Wake Up in Early 2024 and Donald Trump is Your Last Best (Only) Chance...

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I can't help you (or even begin to dialogue with you) if you:

[*]Absolutely 'hate' Trump because he was born in NY and still retains properties and business there...
[*]Don't like the way that he looks...
[*]Don't like the way that he talks... (I often shift between cringing and laughing out loud when he is "on a roll!")
[*]Wish that he was more (book) scholarly and often quoted the Founders or their resources such as Locke and Montesquieu...
[*]Wish that he focused his attacks and venom on the particular segment of the US population that you have the most issues with...
[*]Can't let go of the fact that he vanquished your chosen candidate in 2016 or 2024...
[*]Are angry that he doesn't focus in on the particular issue (and we have more 'issues' than you may imagine) that you believe to be the root of all of the problems...

And most likely a host of other 'problems with Trump' that I failed to recognize.

Fact is this: Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee for President this coming November, unless of course, the forces aligned against him (and more pointedly, against YOU) take very drastic measures.

Another fact is: Joe biden (or someone that he is replaced with that is more likely to be even more effective at destroying the United States of America) will be the opponent of Donald Trump.

(It is my supposition (that may prove to be correct, or not) that RFK, Jr. and any other 3rd party nominees that may surface, will not have sufficient impact to alter the (actual) election results.)

I also take it as a given that there will be massive vote fraud that may or may not substantively impact the results (especially the EC tally).

Having cleared the air, let me begin my attempt to convince you that Donald Trump is Your Last Best (Only) Chance...

The first thing that we need to come to grips with is that whatever you may have thought about (or even still had slim hopes for) what the "Republican Party" (i.e., GOP, or more pointedly the private corporation known as the Republican National Committee (RNC)) stood for, represented, or is actively engaged in, most likely needs to be flushed down the toilet.

* The RNC has absolutely no interest in fielding and supporting a "conservative" (in the manner that you most likely define such) candidate for POTUS.

* The RNC cares little if their POTUS candidate wins the election or not.

* The RNC has willingly (and gleefully for some part) accepted their corporate role in both the charade that has been running that purports to make 'politics' and the electoral process about the will and benefit of the American people, and the absolute and total destruction of the United States of America.

This little essay isn't intended to be a historical document, maybe the discussion can/should veer in that direction.  But I believe that it is suffice to say, for most of you, that this degradation of our country, and its political and social environment, has been a long running, fully thought out, plan for many decades...  most likely since before you were born.

I have a First Edition copy of Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time in which he clearly laid out the purpose and design of the "two party system" and how it has (with keen foresight!) brought us to this point.  I have never found the specific text available online, as it was stricken from all editions and printings beyond the first.  So I can not 'paste' it in for our review, but if need be, I will probably be able to dig that book out of a storage box (somewhere) and type it in to the discussion.

To put it succinctly, this (RNC) ain't your father's Oldsmobile!

They will not be shamed, outvoted, or otherwise coerced into supporting the "conservative" candidate of your choice.  You refused to vote for Bush, McCain, Romney, and/or Trump, and they remain unmoved.  No one is strategizing about how "we should put up a more 'conservative' candiate and surely we will win!"

To come to grips with the REALITY that we face, there a certain things that we must understand and accept:

[*]The heart of man is evil.
[*]Over time, the force of evil will prevail (in THIS world) to the point of total destruction.  (Our ultimate salvation is only found in a willing acceptance of Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.)
[*]Greed and the Will to Power is the guiding force of those that have amassed the wealth required to subvert and destroy the collective will and liberty of free people.
[*]As founded, the United States of America has always been a block and deterrent force against the desires and goals of those that wish to destroy the collective will and liberty of free people.
[*]Since its inception, these forces have been aligned and arrayed to destroy the United States of America.
[*]They are getting really close.

We have arrived at the point in time (actually many decades ago) that it is foolhardy to use the terms: liberal, democrat, republican, conservative, leftist, right-wing, etc. in our discourse.  The meanings and representation have long been subverted and distorted.

It has pretty much come down to this simple equation:  There are marxist/communist forces aligned to hasten the complete destruction of the United States of America as a viable and effective force and haven for liberty and free peoples that thrive under the bounds and direction of Natural Law.  Donald Trump (with all of his warts, flaws, and shortcomings) represents the ONLY choice that is available to you as an attempt to thwart (at least for a short time) these forces.

Sucks that it isn't different.  Sucks that it has to be Trump.  Sucks that it has devolved to this point, and so damn quickly in recent years.  But, it is what it is.  Suck it up and accept that, or don't.


As an aside:
- "Freedom Cities" and a "Baby Bonus" have always been spur of the moment 'brain farts' that spewed out of an undisciplined candidate.  They ain't happening and will never see the light of day again.
- Extreme tariffs applied (particularly to CCP goods) are never intended to be paid by consumers, they are intended to destroy the (CCP's) ability to sell those goods in the US market.
- Donald Trump has as much ability to affect and impact the obscene and terminal (at least in economic terms) debt burden that those forces bent on destroying the US have created, as you and I.  That is why he spends little time on addressing it.  Another, it is what it is.  At some point the laws of economics (and math!) will win out.  Trump has no ability to alter that course, nor do you and I.

If you have bothered to read this essay to this point: Thanks!  I hope that it at least gives you something to think about.  If it didn't, I apologize for wasting your time.  Each of us, God willing, will be able to vote (or not vote) for POTUS in November, I truly hope that you each will vote in a manner that gives you peace and comfort (and makes the most sense for your, and your offspring's interests).



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--- Quote --- Donald Trump (with all of his warts, flaws, and shortcomings) represents the ONLY choice that is available to you as an attempt to thwart (at least for a short time) these forces.
--- End quote ---

Can't be said enough. Thanks Art!

Bravo @art.prout

And proud to find myself in your political camp.

Thank you for your time and effort to put forth such a mature essay.

Ignore and/or impugn it at your own family's peril.   :patriot:

Smokin Joe:
Thanks @art.prout !

Like it or not, it is what it is.

We may not agree on what we want, but I think we can agree on what we do not want.

Sadly, few are even thinking about 'next time' yet, and the GOP or whoever represents the anti-totalitarian political factions of us out there should be thinking three or four elections ahead, and looking for candidates for then, too. The herd will get smaller as the elections approach.


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