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More than 3.7M cars on the road have 'park outside' recalls, Carfax says


By Daniella Genovese FOX Business 3/20/2024

There was a 40% jump in the number of cars with 'park outside' recalls since May

More than 3.7 million cars that are currently on the road have a "park outside" recall, according to recent data from Carfax.

That's a 40% increase in cars with those recalls nationwide since May 2023. The number of cars with park outside recalls in some areas nearly doubled.

In Atlanta, for instance, there were 113,000 cars on the road with park outside recalls in January. That's up from the roughly 64,000 vehicles reported in May 2023. 

The top 10 cities with the most park outside recalls as of January:

Los Angeles: 368,298
New York: 155,501
Atlanta: 155,343
Dallas-Ft. Worth: 334,524
Chicago: 144,440
Philadelphia: 171,951
Phoenix: 104,247
Washington, D.C.: 2,843
Houston: 334,524
Orlando-Daytona, Florida: 334,013



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