Author Topic: The state’s first small modular nuclear reactor likely won’t be built in Southwest Virginia after al  (Read 4890 times)

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Gov. Glenn Youngkin still believes that Virginia will deploy and operate the nation’s first commercial small modular nuclear reactor, but it likely will not be in Southwest Virginia, he said Wednesday.

Following a listening session held at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, the governor told reporters that there are probably other sites that would be “better suited for the first one, and that’s what we’re doing the work on. Of course, what it takes in order to find a good spot for the first one are customers and an operator and on top of that, a licensed spot. And so we’re working across the whole commonwealth.”

Asked whether a specific site or sites have been identified, Youngkin said no decisions have been made and it’s still early in the process.

He added that multiple SMRs will be placed in locations across the commonwealth, and that Southwest Virginia could still host one.

“But as of today, the site work and all of that has really been focused on spots other than in Southwest Virginia. And the primary reason for that is there’s been a couple that have really put their hand up and said, ‘We can run fast,’” he said.


Youngkin just revealed himself to be a complete liar!  He promised to support this project in Southwest Virginia to replace all the coal mining jobs Obama destroyed, in exchange for local support for him against McCauliffe.
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