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CDC Says You Can Treat COVID Like Any Other Respiratory Virus, Ends Five-Day Isolation Suggestion


Legal Insurrection by  Mary Chastain Friday, March 1, 2024

Our Leslie Eastman is correct once again!

Our masters at the CDC finally said what we always knew: You can treat COVID-19 like any other respiratory virus.

What did Leslie say in August 2021? “Today’s [coronovirus] variants are just common cold variants.”

The CDC announced that you don’t have to isolate yourself for five days after you test positive for COVID-19 no matter what.

Look, don’t test yourself unless you have to.

CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen said: “When you get sick, stay home and away from others.”

You mean to tell me when you’re not well with an infectious illness, you should stay at home and away from people!? You should stay away from people until you’re fever-free for 24 hours without the help of medicine!? This is hilarious:

    Instead of setting a strict 5-day isolation period, the new guidance says people can return to normal activities so long as their symptoms improve, and continue improving over 24 hours and they no longer have a fever, without having used fever-reducing medications.

    The guidance also recommends that people who are recovering from respiratory illness take additional precautions for five days, like wearing well-fitting masks, washing their hands, keeping a distance from others, and improving ventilation in their spaces.

    “We wanted to give folks simple, actionable things that they can remember and do in order to protect themselves,” says Cohen, adding that the country is “in a different place related to COVID than we’ve been in the past.”


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