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Black Wisconsin schools chief resigns after hot mic reveals him calling Green Bay ‘lily’ white and p


Timber Rattler:

--- Quote ---A Wisconsin school district has been thrown into turmoil after its superintendent called his jurisdiction “lily” white and a district principal a “bitch” on a hot mic recording.

Dr. Claude Tiller Jr. resigned from his position as Green Bay schools chief after a controversial appearance on an Atlanta radio show that rankled local board members and others in the community.

During a break in a radio program that airs on WAOK, Tiller was heard referring to a district principal as a “witch” and a “bitch” on the show’s still-broadcasting webcam and asserting the white woman was unfairly targeting a student of color.

Tiller, who was in Atlanta to recruit more black staffers to work in the district, said the 72-percent white town famous for football’s Green Bay Packers didn’t have enough minority educators.
--- End quote ---


This guy should have never been hired but I can guess why.  Anyway it appears that the district dodged a bullet by his resignation since he was actively looking to bring more employees of his own racist mindset into it.


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