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A poll out of New York indicates a seismic shift in the Jewish vote


February 25, 2024
A poll out of New York indicates a seismic shift in the Jewish vote
By Andrea Widburg

For almost a century, there has been one constant in American politics: Jews vote for Democrats. There are multiple reasons for this fact but, regardless of the reason, the one thing Democrats could rely on was the Jewish vote. However, the Biden administration’s increasingly open hostility to Israel may be changing that pattern. One poll out of New York shows something remarkable: More than 50% of New York’s Jews plan to vote for Donald Trump!

When Eastern European Jews came to America, they were escaping tsarist oppression. For them, the opposite of tsarism was Marxism. This binary viewpoint wasn’t unique to them. In pre-WWII England, a lot of the British upper class did the opposite, siding with fascism because they believed it was the only bulwark against communism. Except for people like Oswald Mosley and his wife, Diana Mitford, and the latter’s brother, Tom, and sister, Unity, most Brits quickly recovered from this delusion once WWII started.

In America, though, by the 1930s, Jews had made the same journey that blacks did, finding what they thought was their permanent political home with the Democrats. The Republican party was seen as the party of antisemitism and, especially after WWII, Democrats played on that visceral fear.

I don't buy it. 

The Jewish folks are highly principled, and even with this short term anger, I expect them to return to the fold.

I don't buy it either.... a swing of 10% at most but probable still over 70% for Biden.

Seems the poll was by Steve Greenberg (hmmmm) who has long ties with democrats in the past (but works with republicans of course).

Link to PDF of poll (last page info had poll info of sample size and Greenberg's name)

Little over 800 people polled (half via telephone, other though some group of probable professional poll takers for money)..... but Jews were only a section of those polled ... Cath Prot Jewish, and Other were among polled... so could be only a few Jewish made up the numbers in this report.


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