Author Topic: Pentagon AI office must ‘cannibalize’ to keep operating, Martell says  (Read 238 times)

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Pentagon AI office must ‘cannibalize’ to keep operating, Martell says
By Colin Demarest
 Friday, Feb 23
The U.S. Department of Defense’s artificial intelligence office is enfeebled by a lack of appropriations from Congress and is having to scuttle some efforts to sustain others, its leader said.

“We have to cannibalize some things in order to be able to keep other things alive,” Craig Martell, the Defense Department’s chief digital and AI officer, or CDAO, told reporters Feb. 22.

Congress has yet to pass a full defense budget for fiscal year 2024, which began Oct. 1, even as the Biden administration readies its fiscal 2025 spending blueprint. At least 40 continuing resolutions, or stopgap funding bills, have been enacted since 2010.
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Re: Pentagon AI office must ‘cannibalize’ to keep operating, Martell says
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The answer is not more money.  The answer is prioritization. 

Instead of funding D.O.D., Biden admin prioritized Covid Money, so Brookline, Massachusetts, could buy woke-themed fiberglass turkeys for an art installation.

There would be more money for real problems if money wasn't being wasted on Nonsense.
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