Author Topic: US military not ready for low-tech war: 'Crisis'  (Read 138 times)

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US military not ready for low-tech war: 'Crisis'
« on: February 24, 2024, 03:10:37 pm »
 US military not ready for low-tech war: 'Crisis'
Story by Michael Lee • 1d

The U.S. military is the most powerful and technologically advanced fighting force in the world, but changes in battlefield tactics may cause leaders to adjust to inexpensive technology that has proven lethal around the world.

"The war in Ukraine is a perfect example of how multimillion-dollar military technology is going to be rendered obsolete by $500 drones," Brett Velicovich, a drone expert, former Army intelligence and special operations soldier, told Fox News Digital.
Velicovich's comments come as Ukraine has continued to use inexpensive and widely available drones against Russian tanks, ships and bases with great success since the start of the war, a vital tactic to combat what most view as a lopsided fight between Ukrainian forces and their technologically superior Russian foes.

"One of Russia's top navy ships in the Black Sea was destroyed by what was essentially a jet ski-esque drone that probably cost no more than a couple thousand dollars to build, yet two or three of those slammed into a Russian massive naval vessel and sunk it," Velicovich said.
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