Author Topic: Only 4 NYC houses of worship sheltering migrants nearly nine months after program launch  (Read 608 times)

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Only 4 NYC houses of worship sheltering migrants nearly nine months after program launch
Story by Chris Sommerfeldt, New York Daily News • 12h

NEW YORK — Less than a half dozen houses of worship in the city are currently operating as temporary shelters for migrants as part of a program that’s supposed to involve 50 faith institutions, the New York Daily News has learned.

Upon first announcing the program last June, Mayor Eric Adams said his administration had 50 houses of worship on tap that would shortly be able to start housing 19 single adult migrants each. At the time, Adams told reporters the program would alleviate pressure on the city’s overcrowded shelter system and save his administration money as his office estimated it would be cheaper to house a migrant in a faith institution like a church than in a hotel or an emergency site.
But in a private briefing with local elected officials on Friday afternoon — nearly nine months after Adams’ announcement — Rudy Giuliani, executive director of the mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery, said just four houses of worship are currently providing shelter for migrants as part of the program.
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I am not sure the NGOs are proceeding with the full blessings of the Churches whose names they invoke. It seems they are their own organizations operating on their own.

Does anyone have any info on that?
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