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Dem Mayor Henyard accused of launching police raids against businesses that won’t 'pay the queen's r


Dem Mayor Henyard accused of launching police raids against businesses that won’t 'pay the queen's ransom'
Story by Alexander Hall • 11h

Dem Mayor Henyard accused of launching police raids against businesses that won’t 'pay the queen's ransom' explained them what was going on.

Just hours after reports that embattled Democratic Dolton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard was under investigation by the FBI, multiple local businesses were said to be raided by local police.

On Tuesday, FOX 32 reported that six individuals have spoken to the FBI about Henyard’s conduct, including business owners, a former village employee and one or more public officials. One complained of difficulties renewing his business license, claiming to suffer from harassment, a raid on his business and being shut down by Dolton police. The U-Haul rental and trucking business owner believed it was retaliation after he refused to donate to a civic event sponsored by Henyard.
FOX 32 reported Wednesday that multiple bars in the town were raided by police the day after the news team visited the businesses amid allegations their licenses were being held up for political reasons. The raids reportedly occurred mere hours after FOX 32’s report about the alleged FBI investigation into Henyard’s conduct was released.

 Lori Lightfoot hired to investigate ‘worst mayor in America’ Tiffany Henyard at $400 per hour
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Published April 8, 2024, 9:33 p.m. ET

The Illinois village of Dolton has voted in favor of a resolution to hire ex-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to investigate its own leader, Tiffany Henyard, who is accused of misusing taxpayer funds and various other corrupt practices.

Lightfoot, who lost her re-election bid in a landslide last year, said she was “honored” to be tasked with the investigation of Henyard — Dolton’s self-proclaimed “Super Mayor.”

“As someone who has made good governance the cornerstone of my career in public service, I recognize that maintaining the trust of those you serve and making decisions in their best interests is essential,” Lightfoot said in a statement Monday evening.

“The residents of Dolton deserve nothing less than a government that is fully accountable, responsive, transparent, and effective stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Lightfoot said her experience leading Chicago would help provide findings and recommendations “without bias.”

Dolton’s village board voted to hire Lightfoot on Monday night in an unofficial meeting being held at an offsite park district facility rather than the Dolton Village Hall.

Lightfoot will be tasked with providing periodic updates to the board on the investigation into Henyard’s alleged misconduct and lavish spending, providing a comprehensive report at its conclusion.

She will reportedly be retained for $400 per hour, according to Fox 32.

Lightfoot, previously an attorney with the powerful Chicago law firm of Mayer Brown, a federal prosecutor and Chicago’s first black female and openly gay mayor, lost her bid for a second term last year.


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Watch some youtubes on this mayor, she's a real nutjob.


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