Author Topic: VIDEO: Democrats Celebrate 176th Anniversary of the Communist Manifesto  (Read 760 times)

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For years the Democrats have merely flirted with Communism. However, now they have fully embraced it. Or at least they support Communism for their enemies and those they consider to be mere serfs, working people in the USA who are citizens. For their own elite they are in favor of corporate Fascism in which the government helps only those companies that are woke and support the Democrats. Thus we now have the sad spectacle of the Democrats supporting Big Pharma, Big Social Media, and Big War. An example of the latter is to send billions to Ukraine where it is funneled back to the Democrats via Big War companies such as Blackrock. The Communism the Democrats favor is for political opponents such as Donald Trump whose great "crime" is exposing what Democrats are really all about.
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