Author Topic: Harvard condemns student and faculty groups for posting antisemitic cartoon  (Read 788 times)

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Note:  Harvard University is in Cambridge, Mass, not Boston.  The deplorables of Boston should not be conflated with the America-hating commies on the north side of the Charles River.

This is what the US Department of Education is subsidizing with your tax dollars used for grants, scholarships, loan guarantees, and student debt forgiveness.

Harvard condemns student and faculty groups for posting antisemitic cartoon
Updated 3:59 PM EST, February 21, 2024

BOSTON (AP) — Harvard University condemned what it called a “flagrantly antisemitic cartoon” that an undergraduate group posted on social media over the weekend. It also appeared on the Instagram account of Harvard Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine.

Copied from a newsletter published by students in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the image features a Black man and an Arab man with nooses around their necks, held by a hand imprinted with the Star of David that has a dollar sign in the middle of the star.

The image was removed and the student and faculty groups apologized, but the post prompted a storm of criticism that Harvard isn’t doing enough to protect its Jewish community. ...

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Were the students expelled or the faculty/staff members canned? If neither, then Harvard's word are empty, unsurprisingly.
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I don't recall even the worst black liberation groups ever even considering the atrocities that Hamas did on Oct 7.

Someone needs to post an ad with pics of all the dead Jews and shame the Hamas supporters for their support of the mini-Holocaust.

Of course that will never be allowed.
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