Author Topic: Warning: Come November 2024, illegal immigration might 'end the Democratic system as we know it'  (Read 300 times)

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Gee ... who didn't see this coming? Seriously. The writing has been on the wall for decades; Joe is just making it a reality. 535 members of Congress continue to allow the invasion of our country. 16.8 Million ILLEGALS -- let that sink in!

Warning: Come November 2024, illegal immigration might 'end the Democratic system as we know it'

 Two of the most pressing concerns in America currently are illegal immigration and declining confidence in our electoral system.

While these might seem like two separate issues — and in some ways, they are — they’re also inextricably connected.

“Experts are warning that all of this illegal immigration could have a major impact on House Seats and the Electoral College,” says Sara Gonzales. “Shortly after taking office in 2021, Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring that the United States Census Bureau factor in all residents, including non-citizens, as part of its calculation of the U.S. population.”

While reports from the Federation of American Immigration Reform indicate that there are an estimated “16.8 million illegal immigrants living in the United States,” the numbers are likely much, much higher.

 “There’s no way it’s 16.8 million,” says Sara. “Every House seat represents an average of 761,168 residents,. So, the total number, they say, of illegal immigrants account for roughly 22 seats in the House.”

“There's no way it's 22; it would be much more than that because there are many more illegal immigrants than” are being reported.

“Right now, there are 219 Republicans and 212 Democrats in the House, and even then, you're going to expect at least some Republican defectors to [vote for] the other side. So, if we proceed with how it is now … you're ending the democratic system as we know it,” says Sara, adding that Democrats are “clearly rigging the system.”

“Democrats play to win,” agrees Eric July. “If they gotta rig the rules to benefit themselves, that’s exactly what they’re going to do. They will lie, cheat, and steal.”

“They look at the book of law, and the book of law tells them that, ‘Hey, we count everybody.’'".............
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I guess I’m all for it if it ends the Democratic system.

Now, if you’re talking about democratic system….
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