Author Topic: New Evidence in the J6 Pipe Bomb Story Is Bound to Cause a Stir.. Matt Vespa  (Read 180 times)

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New Evidence in the J6 Pipe Bomb Story Is Bound to Cause a Stir

Matt Vespa
 |  February 20, 2024 7:00 AM

The January 6 pipe bomber has joined a small and prestigious club of wanted individuals who have eluded law enforcement, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This person, whoever they are, is the new D.B. Cooper. There’s no airplane or ransom money, but there was a bomb, and we don’t know who this person is because these supposed illustrious and elite federal law enforcement agencies have engaged in activities that made the task of finding this person immensely difficult. It’s why many people feel this was an inside job, and they’re not wrong to feel that way.

Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag interviewed a security source who turned the current narrative about the pipe bomber into Swiss cheese, notably concerning the person, Karlin Younger, who discovered the device near the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC. The FBI claims critical cell phone data that could be used to find this person was corrupted. The Secret Service says all the text messages from its agents on that day were deleted. And we have this FBI contractor who found the device and delivered odd and, to be frank, unbelievable analysis regarding the day she found the device. For starters, she was described as unusually calm about finding a supposed explosive device. Also, some parts of Younger’s story cannot be verified, which has led to more questions about this event for her, the FBI, and the Secret Service. To start, the FBI might have misrepresented where the bomb was discovered. It was closer to the Capitol Hill Club, not the RNC (via Public):

    According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), last year, somebody planted a bomb at the Republican National Committee (RNC) headquarters on January 5 to go off on January 6, the day of the Capitol riot.

    But the person who was the FBI’s Director of the Washington Field Office on January 6, 2021 told members of Congress last year that he agreed the bomb couldn’t have gone off on January 6 because it had a 60-minute timer on it.


    Reporter Julie Kelly reported that surveillance video appears to show an individual and a trained bomb-sniffing dog sweeping the premises a few hours before the DNC pipe bomb was discovered. If the bomb had been planted the day before, as the FBI claims, it is unclear how the Secret Service would have missed it.

    Now, an experienced security analyst has come forward with a report for members of Congress, which shows in great detail that the FBI is misrepresenting the location of the alleged bomb allegedly found at the RNC.

    “The FBI map displays the pipe bomb’s location near the southern corner of the Capitol Hill Club,” but in reality, the source says, “the device was closer to the opposite side of the building.”

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