Author Topic: How Hur’s Report Hid Biden’s Obstruction  (Read 327 times)

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How Hur’s Report Hid Biden’s Obstruction
« on: February 20, 2024, 02:54:45 pm »
How Hur’s Report Hid Biden’s Obstruction
John D. O'Connor | 4:38 PM on February 19, 2024

Every engaged citizen knows that Donald Trump was indicted for obstructing the Department of Justice's investigation of his retention of presidential records by not turning over all his presidential documents, classified and unclassified. He was also indicted for possessing classified documents.

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s similar investigation of President Biden has just concluded, with Hur declining to indict Biden for his willful possession of classified documents, justifying the contrast with Trump by noting that, unlike Trump, Biden cooperated with the FBI and did not obstruct justice.

But a careful reading of Hur’s report suggests that at the same time Biden’s White House was pushing the FBI and the Department of Justice, aided by the National Archives, to encircle the impudent Trump, Biden was also impudently, but more cleverly and dishonestly, perpetrating the same obstruction, enabled by Hur’s intentional lack of critical scrutiny.

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