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VIDEO: Early Signs that Trucking Companies are Joining New York Boycott



--- Quote ---We are now at the start of the Trucker's Boycott of New York City because of the Democrat confiscation of Donald Trump's property and funds by a deranged judge and a prosecutor who ran for office on a vicious "GET TRUMP" platform. If the legal system thinks they can slow roll the appeals process then the Trucker Boycott will be an incentive to fast track overturn this absurdly illegal property confiscation for purely political reasons.

Early signs are that some trucking companies are joining in on the boycott of New York City. It makes sense. After all, if Donald Trump can have his property and funds ILLEGALLY seized by the government today then tomorrow it can happen to anybody... including trucking companies and their owners.
--- End quote ---

If you bought it, a trucker brought it.


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