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Bloomberg News: ‘Climate Anxiety’ Can Feel Like ‘There’s No Safe Harbor’ – Concerned are ‘crying in the office and at the dinner table’
By Marc Morano
February 18, 2024

By Olivia Rudgard

Bloomberg Green asked readers and other members of the public how global warming is impacting their mental health. Their answers covered a range of emotions — and solutions.


For Tom Spencer, there was a moment where his feelings about climate change tipped over from something remote and abstract into real anxiety. The 35-year-old Brit had spent years working in PR in the electric motorsport sector. When he moved to Ireland in 2018, he found himself confronting a flood of misinformation about electric vehicles.

“Like most people, I had known there was this underlying big problem, but it hadn’t been my problem. It wasn’t really affecting my daily life,” he says. But the more greenwashing he encountered, the closer to home it became. A mixture of adapting to a new culture, the added anxiety of the pandemic and a sense of responsibility toward others meant everything came to a head in early 2020. “It’s this feeling where it suddenly clicks. I completely understand the scale of this issue. God, we’ve wasted a lot of time,” he says.
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Which is the whole goal. With hype, scaremongering, and cherry picked word manipulation, you can get the result you want simply from empty propaganda spewed to the masses. That way you never have to deal with debating the facts.
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Morons. Governed by fear. Fear that is neither true nor real. Putzes. I can find no sympathy.