Author Topic: Iraq and Iran were complicit in the Tower 22 attack  (Read 131 times)

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Iraq and Iran were complicit in the Tower 22 attack
« on: February 17, 2024, 04:41:35 pm »
Iraq and Iran were complicit in the Tower 22 attack
To keep its relationship with Iraq and protect Iran, self-defeating Biden administration compromises US forces

FEBRUARY 2, 2024

Tower 22 is a US base in Jordan, just across the border from a US base at Al Tanf, Syria. It was attacked early in the morning on January 28th – killing three American soldiers and injuring 47 more. Eight soldiers were evacuated, some with physical wounds and others with concussions, described as traumatic brain injuries.

The Biden Administration is misleading the American public about the Tower 22 attack to obscure Iran’s direct involvement and hide the fact that Iraq is complicit in the killing and wounding of our soldiers.

Admiral John Kirby, the coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council, said explicitly that the United States is not looking for a war with Iran. He failed to mention that Iran has proclaimed itself at war with the United States and has been using its proxies to attack US bases and killing and wounding American soldiers for years. Iran now controls Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.
Would you be willing to fight and die for multiculturalism?  Would you put your life on the line for “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” (DIE); “Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance” (ESG); or other Marxist worldviews?  Would you go to war to preserve the right of delusional men to use women’s restrooms and dominate women’s sports?  Would you fight for any government that hunts down and imprisons J6 protesters as political hostages but celebrates Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters who cause physical injury and property damage?

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