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Chinese Communist Party-linked green energy firm receiving $200M in taxpayer funding begins razing trees in Michigan
By Thomas Catenacci, Fox News   
Published Feb. 16, 2024, 6:34 p.m. ET
A Chinese green energy firm backed by Michigan’s state government is tearing down trees to make way for a proposed electric vehicle (EV) battery plant designed to help the state meet its climate goals.

Gotion Inc. — whose parent company is Hefei, China-based Gotion High-Tech — said it has initiated its tree-cutting process this week to make way for its controversial EV project in Mecosta County, Michigan, which has received support from Democrats and climate activists, but opposition from Republicans and national security experts.

The firm said the process is legal and pushed back against concerns raised by locals. ...

Gotion first unveiled its development plans for the project in October 2022 alongside Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, agreeing to invest $2.4 billion in two 550,000-square-foot production plants and other supporting facilities across a large plot of land in Green Charter Township.

Then, in August, the firm purchased 270 acres of land for the project, including land zoned for industrial, agricultural and residential use. ...
NY Post
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See also:

Owner of MI Horse Farm, Who Refused to Sell Property to CCP-Tied Battery Plant, is Notified She’s Under Investigation by Gov. Agency Tied to Dirty Dem AG Dana Nesse

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A rebuttal to Chuck Thelen's letter to the editor

Lori Brock  |  Jan 12, 2024

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Anti Gotion activist Lori Brock speaks to Gotion Inc.'s Chuck Thelen's recent letter to the editor.

Chuck Thelen's recent soliloquy in the Pioneer Newspaper regarding Gotion was another perfect example of just how tone deaf Thelen and the others who have attempted to push this project on a community who doesn't want it have been since the very beginning.

Mr. Thelen tells a colorful tale in which he is the hero, even to the point of losing his annual bonus because of his disagreement with Gotion management. He then admonishes us to come together and "love thy neighbor".

Loving your neighbor should start with being honest with them. Mr. Thelen, your pious rhetoric is quite ironic, considering you have been lying to the community from the very beginning. From the NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreements) signed by government officials attempting to conceal details about this project from the public, to the ever shrinking wages of the alleged jobs Gotion would bring, to your lies about the ownership structure being an international coalition when it's really owned by a Chinese firm whose CEO is a Communist Party member (which you also have denied even though it's in his own bio on the World Economic Forum website). Not to mention the lack of transparency on all the dangerous materials you plan to bring into our environment.

hen you have the audacity to claim that only a vocal minority are opposed to Gotion, when every measurable metric shows otherwise — from the supermajority results of the recent recall election in Green Charter Township, to all the surveys conducted by other local townships — every single metric shows clear opposition to this project.

Contrary to what you claim to want for our community, this project has done nothing but tear us apart. And it's not just here in Michigan, other communities are rejecting Gotion, like the folks in Manteno, IL, who are also organizing against you.

Mr. Thelen, you dismiss all the concerns about Gotion's links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as "conspiracy theories" and claim that the language in the parent company's articles of association pledging allegiance to the CCP, and to carry out party activities a the "grass roots of the community" are "boiler plate" words, and Gotion really doesn't mean what they say in those documents. Sir, if you're naive enough to believe that, then you likely also believe the balloon China flew over our military bases was just a "weather balloon". Pardon us for not trusting the CCP given their history, behavior and the harm they regularly threaten against our country.

My heart truly bleeds for you that you didn't get your holiday bonus. If you'd like to earn a few extra dollars to make up for it, I can always use an extra hand at my farm to shovel manure out of the horse stalls. You seem to have a gift when it come to shoveling out manure.

Lori Brock
Big Rapids

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