Author Topic: How much warming is non-atmospheric?  (Read 130 times)

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How much warming is non-atmospheric?
« on: February 16, 2024, 01:42:34 pm »
How much warming is non-atmospheric?
February 16th, 2024|0 Comments

How much global warming is being driven by non-atmospheric input?  Is the atmosphere reacting to it?

As pointed out here, there is only one data buoy every 40,000 square miles in the most energy-dense area of the world. This is not going to cut it. But if we observe and use common sense and take away non-science agendas or have to defend whatever turf we have, we then can at least entertain the idea that this should be looked at.

Don’t you get tired of seeing hot spots go off over the ring of fire but then hear what is going on underneath as having nothing to do with it?

From the point of view of someone who has to deal with such implications, I do. Maybe that is the problem I have to deal with, and if someone else does not, then who cares?
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