Author Topic: Journalist uncovers sources of well-funded campaign to spread deceit about offshore wind energy: ‘It  (Read 290 times)

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Journalist uncovers sources of well-funded campaign to spread deceit about offshore wind energy: ‘It’s changing voters’ minds’
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To perhaps no one’s surprise, it appears large corporations that depend on the production and consumption of dirty energy to earn billions are behind the misinformation that’s making it harder for clean energy projects to get off the ground.

In October 2022, climate journalist Michael Thomas shone a light on the misinformation running rampant through dozens of Facebook groups that were all opposed to clean energy projects, resulting in real and negative impacts on communities and the environment as a whole.
“It’s changing voters’ minds. It’s changing local policy. And it’s slowing down the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy,” Thomas (@curious_founder) wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.
As detailed by CAP 20, it’s not a fluke. The effort to stop the country’s move toward clean energy is well-funded.
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Leftist article complaining about the same thing they are doing with this article (with all liberal sources in the article).
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