Author Topic: VIDEO: MSNBC Libs Have Reached 'Freak Out Stage' on Trump Immunity Appeal Delay  (Read 678 times)

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Liberals in general and at MSNBC in particular are now in the "freak out stage" over what to them is the maddening DELAY of President Trump's J6 trial due to his immunity appeal. If you don't believe me then you can hear them say they are freaking out in this MSNBC show hosted by Jen Psaki in which guests Neal Katyal and Andrew Weissman declare their panic attack freak out status.
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More Lib Lawyers on MSNBC are having bad magic mushroom freak outs the longer it takes the court to issue a ruling.


Who knows?  Maybe there is a clause in the US Constitution written in invisible ink, only readable by black light, that gives the President, not an Officer of the United States Federal Government, the Absolute Divine Right of Kings.

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