Author Topic: VIDEO: Hilarious Liberal Frustration Angst over Trump J6 Trial DELAY  (Read 558 times)

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Due to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals taking its sweet time to rule on the Trump immunity appeal, the DC J6 trial originally scheduled to begin on March 4 has been indefinitely DELAYED. As a result we have been treated with some very entertaining liberal angst as you can see here. BTW, if you know a liberal please do NOT send them over the edge by reminding them that even if the DC Circuit Court of Appeals 3 judge panel delivers its ruling turning down Trump's appeal, he still has 45 days to appeal that ruling to the en banc FULL panel DC Circuit Court of Appeals. That would take us to at least May and if that full panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals does not rule favorably for Trump, he then has another 90 days to file an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court which would take it to August when the Supreme Court is on vacation. Therefore such a ruling could not be decided on until the First Monday in October which means it is impossible for the DC federal court J6 trial to start before election day. However, I am BEGGING you not to point this out to your liberal friends since doing so would risk causing them permanent mental and emotional damage.
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