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who is going to win the Super Bowl 2024?

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It's time for the yearly Super Bowl poll.

Super Bowl is on February 11

Up to two votes per person, Guests, please vote if you like.

I will be watching the Puppy Bowl if anyone is interested.

I voted “I don’t care”.
My 9-year old grandson is a big Chiefs fan. I have liked the 49ers in the past. Joe Montana, ya know.

puppies from last years Puppy Bowl

As an ardent football fan...

I ain't watching this **** show. I feel bad for Purdy, Kittle and McCaffrey. They deserve to win. But as we saw with the Bills and Lions, this postseason is pretty much proving how that's a guarantee that they're going to lose. And I'd be an idiot to endorse that with my eyeballs.

Best of luck to the '9ers, but they stand no chance. The other guys are the better team.

I'm sure I can find a more enjoyable time.


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