Author Topic: Oregon’s Dutch Bros coffee announces moving jobs to Arizona amid expansion plans  (Read 193 times)

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Oregon’s Dutch Bros coffee announces moving jobs to Arizona amid expansion plans

The Grants Pass-based coffee company Dutch Bros announced this week that it’s moving a significant portion of support staff to Arizona.

The company said 40% of its total support staff positions will be moved to Phoenix over the next year. The company hasn’t confirmed how many positions that would entail.

It says the need comes as Dutch Bros continues to expand nationwide. There are just over 800 stores across 16 states. The company says Arizona is now more central to its operations and transportation out of Phoenix will be easier than Southern Oregon. It’s also building a second roasting facility in Texas, which is expected to open this year.

This probably is probably largely as presented. Dutch Bros is expanding beyond the state of Oregon. Grants Pass is like half an hour freeway drive from Medford International Airport, which is not exactly a major facility (can you say Jackson & Perkins?). Sky Harbor, OTOH, is among the US' busiest airports. However, I do not think this is 100% free of politics. Oregon is anti-business and coddles criminals. This year Portland is where Oregon is most risky, but it could spread south in a few years. If State of Oregon gooberment targets them, Dutch Bros could move entirely to Phoenix.
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