Author Topic: Thousands of records mistakenly deleted from Pa. state government computer servers  (Read 2399 times)

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Human error caused the loss of thousands of records from at least two state agencies stored on the state’s computer system servers.

Some of the data from the Pennsylvania State Police and State Employee’ Retirement System has yet to be recovered, Shapiro Administration officials have confirmed.

At least one state employee was fired and other personnel changes were made in the governor’s Office of Information Technology as a result of the January 3 incident involving 77 computer system servers, according to multiple sources.

The Office of Administration spokesman Dan Egan, said his agency “took immediate action internally to address this incident and is conducting a thorough review and update of information technology policies, procedures, processes, and controls to prevent this kind of human error from happening again.”

He said the “limited data loss occurred in the course of performing routine service maintenance.”

The data that was lost affecting the state police was an application used to manage and log evidence submissions. But Egan said “all the physical evidence tracked and cataloged by the [state police] remains secure and was never endangered.”

State police “will continue to evaluate whether there has been any impact on the management of records for the Bureau of Forensic Services,” said state police spokesman Myles Snyder. He said one of two computer systems used to track evidence was back on line as of January 15 and accepting new evidence submissions.

Snyder said the state police and the Office of Administration are continuing to work to restore the other system and are operating on a temporary system to track and receive evidence to ensure police investigations can continue without disruption.

The impact on the state employees’ pension system involved the login that members use to access their pension information.

Members of the pension system who try to log in to their accounts are met with a note that informs them the data center servers “were impacted by an outage on 1/3/24.” It requires members to verify their identity and create a new four-digit PIN.


Typical government incompetence...
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Typical government incompetence...
Hiring the best people, I'm sure.
Support Israel's emergency medical service.

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Hiring the best people, I'm sure.
Hey, they were the right color, the right sex/gender/transgender/unicornfart, the right religion or lack there of, and the right political viewpoint so how dare anyone demand competency too! I wonder if the person they fired was even remotely involved in what happened? probably a White, Christian, Conservative, traditional man/woman scapegoat.

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Mistakenly deleted?
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