Author Topic: Creep urinating on car slashes neck of NYC church caretaker who confronted him  (Read 394 times)

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A box cutter-wielding creep urinating on a car in the East Village viciously slashed the neck of a caretaker at a nearby church who asked him to stop, the victim and cops said Monday.

The victim, identified by police sources as John Mach, 54, received a lengthy gash that required 16 stitches after confronting the unidentified sicko, who was relieving himself between two cars at East 14th Street near First Avenue early Sunday evening.

“He didn’t say nothing, I just felt something hot coming down my neck then I realized I had blood all over my body,” Mach, a widower originally from Puerto Rico, told The Post Monday.

“When I felt something hot coming down my throat, I didn’t know what was going on, and they said ‘John, he cut you.’”
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I read the title -- that was enough to disgust and disturb me. Our society is becoming unlawful and unruly with each man for himself.  8888crybaby
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