Author Topic: VIDEO: Democrat Rep Henry Cuellar Claims Biden Border Policy SUCKS  (Read 407 times)

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Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar whose district in Texas is on the southern border appeared on C-SPAN'S Washington Journal on January 17, 2024 and basically proclaimed that the Biden border policy is a disaster. Yes, he took a few obligatory shots at Republicans but the bottom line is that Cuellar thinks Biden's border policy sucks. He even put an idiotic Democrat caller in his place regarding border policy.

Of course, if Cuellar really wanted to see some positive action he should contact Sleepy Joe's handlers and inform them that unless they force their semi-comatose puppet to secure the border immediately or simply bypass him as usual, he would go full MAGA and announce his support for President Trump in this year's election. I don't think that will happen but that could definitely have a positive impact on the current border crises.
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Re: VIDEO: Democrat Rep Henry Cuellar Claims Biden Border Policy SUCKS
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Henry Cuellar has been saying that for years, yet remains a Dem and votes for leftist Dem policies.
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