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What 2 superpowers would you choose

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You're not limited to the above options. Make up your own. But you get only 2. Choose wisely.  :cool:

Stopping time.

Teleport anything anywhere.

Smokin Joe:

    Flying: not only is it more crowded up there than it was when Superman came out, you'd end up dodging missiles a lot. Bird Strikes would really hurt.

    Being invisible. Too many years on a motorcycle hearing "But officer, I didn't see him"...

    Seeing through walls: My first reaction is okay, window peepers! Too many possibilities for temptation to larceny and other mischief. That said, give me the ability to see through the ground and rock as well, and filter out objects of desired composition and density, and it could be a treasure hunter's dream...(and I might find that other set of car keys!) I'd want to combine it with the ability to do chemical assay at a glance.

    Strength like Superman: Might take some getting used to. Things aren't made as well as they used to be, and chances are I'd end up breaking stuff I did not want to.

    Live forever: I think The Almighty was wise in giving us some limits here, at least in this mortal coil. Everlasting life as a more spiritual being is one prospect, but this conveyance has yet to hit decade 7 and it just doesn't run like it did when it was newer... And then, there is the problem of watching people make the same stupid mistakes, over and over...

    Reading minds: Oh, Hell, no! At least I can turn the gibberish on the TV off. Being able to tell when someone is lying with 100% accuracy, and to what degree, might be handy, though, so something like that would have to be able to be directed, selective, and have a default of "off" unless intentional.

    Communicate with animals: Pay attention to your critters and you likely already can-at least as much as they want to listen.

    Stoner option (define it)

Teleportation has its attractions, but it would be just my luck someone would rearrange the furniture. Notice most of the fictional options use dedicated spaces for arrivals and departures.

Being able to heat or cool (or both) items at will would have some appeal, but like seeing through walls, has potential for mischief. Being able to change density, increase or decrease it so you could walk through walls, or be as impenetrable as armor plate could be interesting.

The ability to fill out forms, navigate voice menus, and otherwise navigate the bureaucratic (and other) nonsense out there at will would be handy. The ability to just eliminate that garbage would make one Godlike... :laugh:

I'd settle for the ability to fix or disable any device at will, bend space and time, to dispel anger and distribute contentment (thwarting envy, yet not dismiss injustice), and to heal the sick and injured.

Oh heck, that's 4...

Ghost Bear:

--- Quote from: Hoodat on January 17, 2024, 12:09:33 am ---Stopping time.

--- End quote ---

No way, didn't you see that episode of the 1980s Twilight Zone?

Edit: I didn't realize until now that the actress playing the Mom in this TZ episode also played the Mom in the movie "A Christmas Story".

Edit2: For that matter, the original TZ series episode "A Kind of a Stopwatch" was a different exploration of a similar theme, but you have to pay to watch the episode (it's on Paramount+).


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