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Biden was legitimately elected in 2020


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I understand there were a lot that was allowed to happen during the 2020 election that shouldn't have been allowed. Mass mail in voting, ballot harvesting, the Pennnsylvania Supreme Court extending the time ballots could be counted after it was already agreed on by the State Legislature are a few examples

But as of now, I accept Biden won. Both sides have believed elections were stolen from their candidate since Bush vs Gore. I have in laws that insisted to me that Trump was fraudulently elected in 2016 and have found plenty of "evidence" to back their case. Of course, now they believe 2020 was the cleanest election in the history of mankind. I am sure many Trump backers thought 2016 was the cleanest, fairest election, also

But even if you believe the election was stolen from you, you don't summon your supporters to DC and fire them up into rioting. I think Jan 6 hurt Trump with the general public. I guarantee if Hillary did similar when she lost, Trumpers would be calling for her imprisonment


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