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Will you Vote for Trump IF he is the Republican Nominee this year?

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      It begins, again, in Iowa Tonight ~ 2024.

I just can't bring myself to cast a vote for Trump.  I'll vote down ballot instead, if I vote at all. I've not missed an election, but I'm thoroughly disgusted with the failure of the RNC and GOP to ensure election integrity. I'm to the realization that my vote doesn't mean a darn thing. Notta.

   Gracis @Jack Russell

   I don't love the Cowboys, glad they lost. yogi555

Maybe if Trump has an epiphany in the months ahead by discovering that his own liberal policies not only led to a string of Republican defeats, but also completely trashed our economy, and out of that epiphany decides to adopt real Conservative policies that will put this nation back on track, then and only then will he get my vote.  But unfortunately, he has a cult of supporters who are more than happy with his current liberal policies, so there is really no incentive for him to change.



--- Quote from: corbe on January 15, 2024, 10:31:20 pm ---I don't love the Cowboys, glad they lost.

--- End quote ---

Cowboys lost?  Now THAT is reason for celebration.


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