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UF faculty banned from recruiting Chinese, Iranian students under new Florida law


UF faculty banned from recruiting Chinese, Iranian students under new Florida law
Law blocks state universities from making offers to students from seven ‘countries of concern’
By Zoey Thomas
January 8, 2024 | 8:00am EST
--- Quote ---... The Florida law bans “partnerships,” including recruitment programs, between state universities and any non-U.S. citizen living in a foreign country of concern — including China, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, Syria and North Korea. It was passed in May and went into effect Dec. 1.

The UF dean’s office and upper administration has interpreted the law to mean faculty cannot offer any assistantship or fellowship to students in these countries for the 2024-2025 academic year, according to an email sent to physics faculty by department chair Steve Hagen.

Many students and faculty members have unanswered questions about the law, with upper administration still trying to decide how to implement its provisions.  ...

Chinese students in Florida are growing accustomed to anti-Chinese legislation. In May, a law restricting Chinese people from owning property in Florida was met with widespread controversy.

The crackdown on Chinese graduate student recruitment didn’t come as a surprise to Xinpei “Ryan” Yue. But the fifth-year UF Scripps Institute graduate student doesn’t think Chinese research students will be much affected by the new law blocking them from Florida public universities, he said. ...
--- End quote ---

They hate this law because  it is/was a cash cow for FL universities. 

Who says there is never any good news?

That danged DeSantis boy, always causing trouble, eh?  :pondering: Is this another one of the great orange ones ideas that he stole  :silly: :silly:

They left out the nation most responsible for 9/11 and the spread of radical Sunni Islam - Saudi Arabia.


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