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Another 10-foot great white shark pings off Florida near Marco Island


Another 10-foot great white shark pings off Florida near Marco Island

After frequent surfaces by great white shark Andromache in recent months, there's a new visitor in Southwest Florida waters.

Research group OCEARCH-tagged white shark Penny pinged off the coast of Marco Island Saturday morning.

The 10-foot juvenile shark's satellite tag, placed on her dorsal fin by researchers, broke the water at 10:26 a.m. and transmitted location information to trackers.

This is Penny's first trip to Florida since she was tagged last April off North Carolina. Once tagged, she traveled north to Nova Scotia before starting her migration south in late October.....

Penny measured 10 feet 3 inches and weighed 522 pounds when she was tagged on April 23, 2023, off Ocracoke, North Carolina.

The shark has traveled 4,725 miles since then – from North Carolina north to Nova Scotia, then south for the winter in the Gulf of Mexico.

Penny was the 92nd white shark tagged by OCEARCH in the Western North Atlantic and named after the group's friends at Salty Penny Canvas in Morehead City, North Carolina...............

.......White sharks swim south when the water gets too cold for them and they lack food sources up north, according to OCEARCH chief scientist Dr. Bob Hueter.

Think of them as the snowbirds of sharks.

Most of them tend to hang out away from the beaches in the continental shelf waters, Hueter said............


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