Author Topic: Kansas City closes 2023 with record homicide count; St. Louis reports about 20% reduction  (Read 296 times)

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Kansas City closes 2023 with record homicide count; St. Louis reports about 20% reduction

The number of killings rose to a record level in one of Missouri's two big cities last year, and it dropped substantially in the other.

Kansas City police data shows 182 killings in 2023, 12 more than in 2022 and three more than the all-time high of 179 in 2020. The police department data does not include officer-involved killings.

Mayor Quinton Lucas said Wednesday on X, formerly known as Twitter, that some crime trends "have gone in the right direction, as nonfatal shootings are down this year compared to last, while others, like homicides, have reached new highs. We are working collaboratively to build a safer city in 2024."

Meanwhile, across the state in St. Louis, Missouri's second-largest city saw 158 killings last year, 42 fewer than the 200 in 2022, the office of Mayor Tishaura Jones announced Tuesday. St. Louis also had a 24% reduction in shootings, and the number of juvenile victims dropped 50% from the previous year...............
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nonfatal shootings are down, homicides are up...

Sounds like those left are shooting straighter.

At some point they'll kill each other off.
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Important to note Kansas City Mo. is kinda a shithole.  Kansas City KS, not so much.
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