Author Topic: House Ways and Means Chairman: Joe Biden Was Using Air Force Two as Corporate Jet to Travel Country  (Read 208 times)

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House Ways and Means Chairman: Joe Biden Was Using Air Force Two as Corporate Jet to Travel Country and Meet with Hunter Biden’s Business Associates (VIDEO)
by Jim Hoft Dec. 17, 2023 10:20 am

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

During their discussion Chairman Smith described how Joe Biden was using Air Force Two as his personal jet to meet with Hunter Biden’s business associates and enrich his family.

    Chairman Jason Smith: Well, just this week, Hunter Biden’s in his press conference says that Joe Biden was not financially involved. Well, let me tell you, the emails and documentation we’ve been getting from the IRS whistleblowers prove otherwise… We’ve seen this White House continue to block and stonewall subpoenas that we’ve had witnesses to come forward, documents that we’ve requested. And by having this official impeachment inquiry vote, we’re able to be able to use additional tools to get this information. There’s a lot of information that we need to get, Maria. There’s folks at the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS that needs to come forward, answer questions, but there’s also documents and tax records that we need to be looking at…

    Maria Bartiromo: …I know back in 2013 there was a memorandum of understanding that then Vice President Joe Biden signed allowing thousands of chinese companies to trade on us exchanges and not follow any accounting rules, not follow the SEC rules that all public companies have to follow. I wonder if he was paid for that. And I also wonder if when he first got into the Oval Office and canceled the China initiative, was he paid for that? You’ve identified other areas with regard to Ukraine, like the prosecutor being fired. Can you talk to us about policy changes? You know he was paid for.

    Chairman Smith: That’s what we’re doing in this impeachment inquiry, is following the facts. But you just highlighted, Maria, several examples. There’s actually more than 20 different countries where we’ve seen some kind of business associate with Hunter Biden and foreign entities. President Biden said that his son had not received or his family had not received any money from the Chinese. According to documentations that’s came forward of bank records. We know that that is no longer true. There’s money coming in from all different entities. We’ve seen it from Ukraine, Romania, China, all of it. We’ve also seen numerous examples where it appears that Joe Biden was using Air Force Two as a corporate jet, traveling all over the country and meeting with Hunter Biden’s business associates. That’s unacceptable. We also know what happened in Ukraine, where the prosecutor was fired at the demand of Joe Biden because that prosecutor was investigating Burisma, which his son was sitting on the board of Burisma getting paid millions of dollars. It’s all not looking too good for the Bidens.

more w/video
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House Ways and Means Chairman: Joe Biden Was Using Air Force Two as Corporate Jet

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