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VIDEO: Neil Cavuto Hilariously BEGS Ramaswamy to Disqualify Himself from GOP Debate



--- Quote ---What makes Neil Cavuto desperately BEGGING Vivek Ramaswamy to disqualify himself from the December 6 GOP Loser Debate so hilarious is how laughably UNSUBTLE his pleas are. Please Vivek! Please say out loud that you don't pledge to support the other GOP losers for President if they are nominated. PRETTY PLEASE! That way you will be DISQUALIFIED from appearing at the debate. More importantly, you won't be able to embarrass our dearest Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel again for being incompetent (and greedy). Nice try, Neil, but maybe you should learn the art of being at least a little bit SUBTLE.

People watching that debate will NOT be tuning in to see the rest of the losers repeat their standard shticks. Instead they will be be watching mainly to see if Vivek will call out incompetent GOP Chairwoman Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel again (as was predicted by Our Blessed Prophet PJ before the last debate.) Will PJ's next prophecy be fulfilled? Check out the full PJ Prophecy at the link below:

The PJ Prophecy

--- End quote ---


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