Author Topic: VIDEO: J6 Committee STAR WITNESS Grifter Cassidy Hutchinson Changed Her Testimony  (Read 348 times)

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Cassidy Hutchinson was the STAR WITNESS of the bogus J6 Committee during the summer of 2022. Her upcoming performance was hyped over and over again by the Democrats and the media. So what happened? It turned out that the testimony of the STAR WITNESS was only laughable second hand hearsay that was immediately contradicted by the first hand sources she cited. After that, the STAR WITNESS faded away until recently when she returned to the public eye to shamelessly grift for her book. Unfortunately for her, it has now come to light, as revealed by Congressman Barry Loudermilk, that the testimony the STAR WITNESS grifter gave in transcribed interviews to the J6 Committee dating back to February 2022 was SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED three months after her public testimony during the summer of that year. Very very conveniently the video of Hutchinson's transcribed testimony has gone missing.
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