Author Topic: Tucker ‘flattered’ by Trump running mate rumor. Check out his podcast with Rosanne Barr!  (Read 232 times)

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Tucker ‘flattered’ by Trump running mate rumor. Check out his podcast with Rosanne Barr!
December 1, 2023 | Tom Tillison

Tucker Carlson sat down with comedian Roseanne Barr on her podcast and was asked about Donald Trump saying he would consider him as a running mate if the former president is the Republican nominee.

“Oh gosh,” Carlson said with a laugh. “I put that in the category of asteroid striking the Earth. Good or bad, it’s so far outside of my control that I… you know.”

“I’m flattered,” he said, before adding, “I’ve never been in politics.”

Barr asked her guest if he would accept an offer to join Trump on a 2024 presidential ticket.

“Would I accept? I guess I would have to think about that,” he said. “I mean, I have spent my whole life looking at politicians and commenting on them and passing judgment on them, and I’ve never run for, you know, room mother. And so the idea of that is so far from anything I’ve ever done, it’s kind of hard even to imagine.”

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Philip Melanchthon Wegmann
“God would have to yell at me very loud,” Tucker Carlson says at APP gala when asked about speculation that he’d join the ticket as VP with Trump. Being around politicians constantly, he adds,  “is so repulsive to me.”
9:26 PM · Dec 7, 2023

Philip Melanchthon Wegmann
“I have no interest in that,” Tucker Carlson says when a member of the audience presses again whether he’d be Trump’s VP. He gives one lecture to his employees, Tucker adds, “stay in your freaking lane.”
9:27 PM · Dec 7, 2023
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