Author Topic: Locals attack US Marines outside Texas nightclub and it doesn’t turn out well for them  (Read 183 times)

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Locals attack US Marines outside Texas nightclub and it doesn’t turn out well for them
November 20, 2023 | Kevin Haggerty

Locals, leathernecks and lawmen clashed in a chaotic scene outside a Texas nightclub where agitators got a firsthand introduction to the motto Semper Fidelis.

Austin’s 6th Street is known for rowdy rabble-rousers and viral footage circulating over the weekend was no exception as the denizens of the leftist haven were caught confronting United States Marines in their dress blues.

Unclear what prompted the initial catalyst, a video post by TX Street Fights on X began with one woman recording herself outside the Voodoo Room bar and club before another woman snatched the phone from her hand, lobbing it out toward the street as she could be heard saying “…break your sh*t. What!?”

As tempers flared, one of a group of men wearing white squared up with a Marine and took a swing that, though narrowly avoided by the service member, set his brothers to demonstrate what it means to be “always faithful.”

Don’t mess with Texas quickly became “Don’t mess with the Marines,” as Collin Rugg stated on social media when a wall of blue formed up. Meanwhile, one of the men in white could be seen errantly landing a back fist on the protagonist woman who had set off the conflict.

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