Author Topic: Black Chicago residents issue list of demands including ‘Immediately ending sanctuary city’  (Read 772 times)

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Black Chicago residents issue list of demands including ‘Immediately ending sanctuary city’
November 18, 2023 | Melissa Fine

Black Chicagoans delivered a warning to the City Council and City Hall: Keep supporting Mayor Brandon Johnson’s progressive sanctuary city policies — keep flooding the streets with illegal migrants — and they’ll be voting Republican in the next election.

“We’re here to say to black aldermen who are elected by the black citizens of Chicago that we are fed up with you not hearing our stress and our demands but rather do what you want to do to please the Democratic Party,” a representative of the angry group said at a rally on Chicago’s South Side.

“We are fed up with you for not taking the lead to stop the buses,” she continued. “We are fed up with you for not demanding of Brandon Johnson to remove illegal immigrants from our community, and we’re also here to say we are denouncing Alderman William Hall and Lamont Robinson for going to the border to look into the eyes of illegal immigrants but has failed to look into the eyes of homeless black men women and children and other citizens of Chicago.”

“We have veterans who have served this country who are homeless. Have you looked into their eyes?” the woman asked. “Alderman Yancey, Alderman Hall, Alderman Robinson, there are 58,440 homeless people in Chicago. We have black school-aged children sleeping in cars. Have you looked into their eyes? No you have not.”

“Yet illegal immigrants are sleeping in hotels in the City of Chicago, paid by the citizens of Chicago,” she stated.

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