Author Topic: NYC Mayor Adams is sticking us with the hefty migrant crisis bill  (Read 577 times)

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NYC Mayor Adams is sticking us with the hefty migrant crisis bill
Opinion by Joe Borelli

Have you ever been out to dinner with a group where some members of the party order appetizers and steaks, pick a premium bottle off the wine list and signal for extra truffle shavings on their gnocchi while others at the table order a side salad and water?

And doesn’t it always seem to be the case that as soon as the bill gets dropped, one of those Joey Chestnut wannabees suggests “everyone split the bill” as he picks the Wagyu sinew out of his Châteauneuf-du-Pape-stained teeth?
This very story is playing out at City Hall — not over food, mind you, but over funding, with the mayor and those elected officials who demanded more and more migrant spending now suggesting we all suffer the same cuts.

In my private life, I hang out with some down-to-earth people. In my public life, perhaps not so much.

If I join a dinner table with friends and declare, “Nothing for me, just a glass of wine” (admittedly a rare occurrence given my healthy 17-stone frame), one of my dear pals will inevitably pick up the tab. “Don’t be silly,” they’d say. “You didn’t order anything.”
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Would you be willing to fight and die for multiculturalism?  Would you put your life on the line for “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” (DIE); “Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance” (ESG); or other Marxist worldviews?  Would you go to war to preserve the right of delusional men to use women’s restrooms and dominate women’s sports?  Would you fight for any government that hunts down and imprisons J6 protesters as political hostages but celebrates Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters who cause physical injury and property damage?

J.B. Shurk