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VIDEO: Ray Epps Gives Advice to DC Insurrectionists



--- Quote ---Ray Epps provided advice to the insurrectionists attacking the Capitol Police at the DNC headquarters. Oh, and of course we should how expect the FBI to use cell phone geolocation to track down each and every insurrectionist? This technology has a perfect track record except for locating the pipe bomber, who also planted a (fake) bomb on the night of January 5, 2021 ironically also at the DNC headquarters as well at the RNC building, because the cell data was "corrupted." The one and ONLY time that glitch ever happened.
--- End quote ---

The horde of rioters that lay siege to the DNC headquarters are not insurrectionists because the DNC is not part of the Federal Government.  It's a private political party and private property, so, they are ordinary criminals.

We should not elevate street thugs and wannabe terrorists to be poltical martyrs.

They are wannabe terrorists because they want to use mob violence, or the threat of violence, intimidation, and fear to achieve their political ends.


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