Author Topic: VIDEO: Reactions to Gavin Newsom Admitting San Francisco Cleaned Up for Communist Dictator  (Read 244 times)

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After years and years of lame excuses for why San Francisco remained a filthy garbage dump, that city was cleaned up in just three days. Was it suddenly cleaned up because the Democrats who run San Francisco and California suddenly realized it was time to do something for the citizens of that city? No. It was done ONLY because Governor Gavin Newsom wanted to impress Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping because he is arriving in San Francisco, along with other world leaders, for an economic summit. And since it is very very important to impress Joe Biden's paymaster, San Francisco was almost instantly beautified. Of course, don't expect the beautification to last very long. Once dictator Xi leaves it will be back to treating the citizens of San Francisco like they don't matter again.

Here are a few of the reactions to Gavin Newsom's rare bit of honesty in which he ADMITTED that San Francisco was ONLY cleaned up to impress a communist dictator.
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