Author Topic: AG Ken Paxton Calls on Texas House to Reveal Cost of Impeachment  (Read 1039 times)

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AG Ken Paxton Calls on Texas House to Reveal Cost of Impeachment
« on: November 13, 2023, 10:59:11 pm »
Texas Scorecard by  Brandon Waltens   | November 13, 2023

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick requested a full audit following the trial in September.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling out Texas House leadership for dragging their feet on providing the costs in their impeachment trial against him.

An audit of both chambers’ expenses was requested after the trial by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

In a letter to state auditor Lisa Collier, Patrick asked for all expenditures incurred by the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Senate, and the Office of the Attorney General from March 1, 2023 through October 15, 2023.

“To be clear, the goal is to determine the absolute total cost to the state of preparing for and conducting this trial from the beginning through its conclusion,” wrote Patrick. “This must detail all expenses, including but not limited to, investigators expenses, document production and assembly, attorney expenses, witness fees, travel, food and lodging. This list is illustrative, not exhaustive. Please determine and report on all expenses; if there are invoices outstanding, we seek to know what they are and when they will be received.”

According to Paxton, the House has yet to provide its expenses for the audit.


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Re: AG Ken Paxton Calls on Texas House to Reveal Cost of Impeachment
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2023, 09:57:24 pm »
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I've seen at least 10 local Beaumont area TV ads this  week from Dade Phelan trying to save face and explain how "great" he is for Texas.

Is he drunk or does he not realize the election is a year away.? /s.   ****slapping
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