Author Topic: Trump prosecutor accused of creating 'full-blown constitutional collapse'  (Read 292 times)

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WND 11/1/2023

Fani Willis charged with using 'coercive power of the state' to attack Republicans

Fani Willis, the Georgia prosecutor attempting to jail President Donald Trump and more than a dozen others for the "thought crime" of raising questions about the 2020 presidential election, is facing charges she has created not just a constitutional crisis, but a "full-blown constitutional collapse" in the case.

Willis has claimed, in charges against multiple people who were involved in various parts of Trump's disputes over the 2020 results, which evidence now confirms was the result of outside and improper influences, that they conspired to overthrow the election.

She's using the state's organized crime law to threaten the defendants with a months-long trial that could send most of them into bankruptcy if they don't plead guilty, and several have already.

But in all the cases that already have been resolved through plea agreements, Willis has failed to obtain a single plea to the conspiracy agenda that she insists was present, with defendants mostly pleading to misdemeanors.

A report at the Federalist now outlines the allegations against Willis, made by a legal team for Jeffrey Clark, a Trump-era Department of Justice official.

The report explains his team filed a 39-page special plea in Fulton County Superior Court demanding that Willis dismiss her "massive and grotesque abuse of prosecutorial power" indictment against Clark over his First Amendment right to question the 2020 election due to a lack of personal jurisdiction.

"There is zero allegation or evidence that Mr. Clark directed any purposeful activity into the state of Georgia. The inquiry ought to end there. But it gets worse: there are zero specific allegations or evidence that Mr. Clark agreed with any resident defendant to do anything. An arm-waving general and conclusory allegation that all defendants conspired to unlawfully overturn the 2020 election is not sufficient to meet the threshold due process requirements for establishing personal jurisdiction."

The lawyers accuse Willis, whose obvious agenda has included a specific targeting of Trump and his acquaintances, of trying to "punish a thought crime with the full penal and coercive power of the state."

They wrote, "So here we are: this district attorney seeks to imprison the leading presidential candidate of her opposite political party, to the acclaim of those baying for his destruction. She has dragged all of us not just into the outskirts of dangerous constitutional territory but into the maelstrom of a full-blown constitutional collapse."