Author Topic: “He’s Crazed in His Hatred of Me – An Out of Control ‘Nut Job'” – President Trump Goes Off on Lawles  (Read 575 times)

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“He’s Crazed in His Hatred of Me – An Out of Control ‘Nut Job'” – President Trump Goes Off on Lawless Judge Engoron Who Continues to Prosecute Case Against Trump After It Collapses in Court
By Jim Hoft Oct. 28, 2023 11:00 am

President Trump went off on the crooked leftist judge overseeing his lawfare case in New York City these past two weeks.

President Trump was sued by Marxist AG Letitia James for inflating his assets in order to acquire bank loans for his multi-billion dollar business empire.

This week the case fell apart when convicted perjuror Michael Cohen denied Trump pressured him to inflate the value of his assets.

The judge in the case has Mar-a-Lago, one of the most expensive properties in the world, valued at only $18 million, which is total nonsense.
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Sounds like Trump himself.
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Trump may be correct in his assessment of the judge's personal failings, but it's really bad form - and not very smart - for a defendant to express such thoughts so loudly, unless he wants the martyrdom of a contempt of court order.
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It's so freaking juvenile to hear him call people crazy, nut jobs, lunatics, etc..  Why not just call them corrupt, or biased, or something that sounds like something a sane adult would say?