Author Topic: Ep. 32 You’ll be shocked to learn this, but it turns out the whole George Floyd story was a lie.  (Read 613 times)

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Great comments by Tucker's guest and it is true. The whole Civil Rights unrest started as black kids were figuring out how to go from just High School to college, either on a scholarship for sports, sometimes academics in places like Howard University (traditionally black universities), or even through military service and GI Bill benefits. Achievement was paramount, on the sports field or off it, and seen as the ticket to advancement. For a black girl to be pregnant out of wedlock had just a much social stigma as for a white girl to be in the same straits.

Then all that was disrupted. (I believe intentionally, using some folks to foment unrest and derail those earlier plans many had.) By the time the dust settled, LBJ's Great Society was removing the cultural pillars (calling the elders "Uncle Toms" and such) that had underwritten former plans for success, and a dependent society was formed that has prevailed, to the detriment of all who have bought into it, and to the detriment of all who pay for it. As with the Palestinians, their mothers can't teach their children at their knee what they have not learned, so school achievement gets little emphasis in some quarters, even cultural inertia against such ("acting white") and another generation is lost (even though they know every form to fill out, the laws about them, and who to call and what to say to 'get over').  Welfare women have a tendency to know welfare law better than the social workers.
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Of course most of us knew this about Floyd but you must listen to the guy that Tucker is talking with!

He makes all the sense in the world about why Floyd has been made into some kind of hero!

This from a black gentleman himself!

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Anyone with half a brain knew this the day he died.  I did not need a coroner report to know he did NOT die at the hands of the police.  When the coroner announced he died of an overdose of drugs, I shrugged my shoulders and said BIG F***ING SURPRISE!    NOT!!

He was just one more dirtbag criminal who had no business being free on the streets.  The world is a better place without him and anyone that supports his elevated status as far as I am concerned.