Author Topic: Florida judge exonerates Miami teacher fired for refusing to use student’s preferred pronouns  (Read 1067 times)

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Florida judge exonerates Miami teacher fired for refusing to use student’s preferred pronouns

By Selim Algar
Published Oct. 5, 2023

A Florida law judge has ruled in favor of a Miami teacher who was fired for refusing to use a student’s preferred pronouns, calling transgenderism a “new secular faith” in his controversial ruling.

The teacher, Yojary Mundaray, told a student during a 2019 classroom exchange that she would not use their desired pronouns due to her Christian beliefs that “God makes no mistakes.”

The student — referred to as “Pat” in the decision — told administrators at Jose de Diego Middle School about Mundaray’s comments and the teacher was eventually terminated after an investigation.

But administrative law judge John Van Laningham called for a formal exoneration on Monday and argued that the educator was wrongly fired.

“Advocates of transgenderism can be as doctrinaire as religious zealots these days,” he wrote in his decision. “As this case demonstrates, adhering to the traditional view that gender is biologically determined can get a person excommunicated, from a job in this instance.”

According to the decision, the student, born a biological female, asked to be addressed with male pronouns.

After Mundaray explained that her Christian beliefs forbid her from doing so, the student said “God made a mistake.”

“I’m a Christian, and my God made no mistakes,” Mundaray replied.

Pat argued that the educator was unfairly imposing her religious views in the classroom and Mundaray was sacked in June 2020.

But Van Laningham rejected that reasoning, arguing that Mundaray was expressing her own beliefs.

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Sounds like a 'win' against the alphabet mafia.
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