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VIDEO: Fat Albert Tries to Stop a Street Fight



--- Quote ---Normally, when you watch a video of a street fight, it is the knockout blow that you remember most. However, in the case of this video what will be forever imprinted on your brain's memory banks is the failed attempt by Fat Albert to break up the fight. The first time you see Fat Albert in action you will wonder if you actually saw what you thought you saw. Yes, you did. And CSI DUmmie FUnnies is here with a careful video analysis that I believe has "cracked" the case to verify that, yes, you actually did see it.
--- End quote ---

That's one badass cracka.

Smokin Joe:
The replay is essential to figuring out the moment that the interloper's sweatpants slid down to reveal planetoid sized glutes. It's hard to be effective in a fight when your pants are falling off your hindparts...but at least he got the combatants away from the furniture.

*and yes, that white boy throws a heck of a punch*


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