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VIDEO: Foreign Born Chunk Yogurt Announces He Plans to Run for President!



--- Quote ---Jimmy Dore has to be the HAPPIEST person on the planet right now. Why? Because Chunk Yogurt, aka Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks just announced that he is planning on running for president. Chunk made the announcement on "Breaking Points" thus demonstrating just how clueless he is about the U.S. Constitution. Yes, he seems utterly unaware that you have to be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN to become president so that leaves Chunk out since he was born in Istanbul Turkey and didn't come to America until his family immigrated here when he was eight. However, no matter since the big benefit of a Chunk run is a humor goldmine chock full of comedy nuggets. Jimmy Dore will certainly mine those nuggets as well as many others. Oh, and it is already hilarious that Chunk's campaign slogan is "Vote For Me So Somebody Else Will Run Against Sleepy Joe."
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